Subtle Signs of Skin Cancer to Have Checked Out

If you have moles, suspicious spots, or freckles that look to be changing appearance, you need to watch out for signs of skin cancer. There are different types of skin cancers, from melanoma to squamous cell carcinoma. While many people know to look for black moles or large spots that weren't there before, there are some other signs that tend to be a little less common. Don't ignore the following subtle signs of skin cancer.

Moles That Are Changing

Your moles might not be turning black or enlarging in size at a drastic level, but that doesn't mean they aren't showing signs of skin cancer. Some changes with moles can be extremely subtle to where you barely notice it. You want to look for any type of changes, from color and shape, to size, location, and even the border around the moles. If you have a mole that is the same size and colour as it always was, but now has a slightly discoloured border of skin growing around the mole, that could potentially be a sign of skin cancer. Visit your local bulk billing doctor office for an exam and to find out if you need to go to a skin cancer clinic.

Any Skin Patches That Look Off

You should inspect your skin on a regular basis, especially if you have fair skin and are at a higher risk for skin cancer. You might not have moles that look odd or different, but may have skin patches you are concerned about. This could be a small area of skin that is a little redder than the rest, feels rough to the touch, or what you thought was a harmless spot but isn't going away. These spots should always be checked out by a doctor. If you need to, start at a bulk billing doctor clinic. They will let you know if further testing is needed.

Scaly Skin On Your Ears or Nose

This is more of a subtle sign that many people don't notice right away. If you have a patch of skin that is red and has a scaly, almost crusty, feeling and appearance, it might be from squamous cell carcinoma. The skin patch is usually found on parts of the skin that is frequently exposed to the sun, such as your nose or the tips of your ears. This is much more common in people with fair skin who are already at risk of developing skin cancer.

No matter how minor of a sign you are having, never leave it up to chance. Visit a local doctor's office, such as Travellers Medical Services, to have the skin tested and also have the doctor look over the rest of your skin for any signs you might have missed.