4 Simple Tips When Preparing For Home Care Service for Your Aging Parents

It is common for aging parents to prefer staying in a place they have called home for decades rather than opt to be admitted into a retirement village. A home care service like Bromilow Home Support Services Pty Ltd can provide your parents with a comfortable and familiar environment for aging, especially if they only require minor assistance with their routines and activities. However, you will need a few home maintenance and modification processes to make your home suitable for your parents. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Custodial Care -- Depending on your parents' level of need, you will have to plan for daily activities such as medication reminders, preparation of meals, feeding, and bathing. You have the option of hiring a professional nurse/aide to take care of your parents' needs. You will decide whether you want the nurse or home health aide to work full time or a few hours a day would suffice. Remember that a full-time contract would require a substantial amount of your finances if not covered by the insurance scheme.   

Transportation Options -- Senior citizens will face difficulties in driving themselves to different destinations such as the mall or a check in at a physician's office. You will need to arrange for alternative transportation options to take care of all these requirements and any other emerging needs. You will need to choose between taxi services, your local bus transport, or private arrangement with relatives or friends for the drop-off and pick-up.

Home Modifications -- Most often, the mobility of aging parents may be impaired. You will need to make the home readily available by installing ramps to minimize the use of the staircase. A wheelchair may also come in handy when you have installed the ramps. For the shower, you can fix grab bars to avoid the risk of falls. Alternatively, you may want to have all facilities installed on the ground floor so that your parents don't have to go through the struggle of going upstairs.

Home Maintenance Activities -- Being old does not mean that your home should be neglected. You will need to do laundry, repairs, gardening, cleaning, and shopping. For all these household maintenance activities, you will have to contract different experts. Also, your aging parents may not have the time to pay their bills in time; thus, you will take care of these bills on their behalf.

Taking care of the above will enable the caregiver to make your parents as comfortable as possible within the local support system that your family and friends offer.