How Cosmetic Dentists Can Help You

Cosmetic dentistry is made up of procedures that are designed to help the aesthetic appearance of your mouth. The procedures could, though might not necessarily, improve your mouth's function. Here are the different types of procedures a cosmetic dentist will offer you and how they will help you.

Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and is also known as bleaching. The point of this approach is to make your teeth several shades whiter, making them look cleaner. You can choose to buy a kit from the dentist (completing the process over several weeks) or have the dentist do the procedure in one day. This procedure basically consists of fitting trays to your teeth and having bleach soaked up by your teeth. The process can make your teeth very sensitive, and you should consider that you will not be able to chew normally and will have some pain for several days. Only dentists will be able to help the coloring of chipped teeth or pieces that have been added via root canal, not home whitening kits.


Many people know that dentures are fake teeth that can be used by someone whose mouth does not have all their teeth to continue eating and talking as normal. Dentures will be fitted specifically to each mouth affixed on the remaining teeth or to the jaw's bone.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth or chipped teeth can be repaired to appear normal. With a missing tooth, a tiny screw will be used to attach the new tooth to the gum where the tooth was missing. The screw eventually becomes one with the bone. If you have multiple teeth missing, you can have a crown of teeth replaced at one time. If your tooth is merely chipped, your dentist will fit a very real-looking piece onto the tooth.


Veneers are a way to cover up discoloration on your teeth. Instead of going through the bleaching process described above, a piece of white veneer will be fixed on front of your teeth. You can choose to have this veneer made in porcelain or resin. However, porcelain can chip more easily.


This type of cosmetic dentistry will require a specialized doctor as many dentist offices in themselves do not offer this service. The orthodontist can help you aesthetically by keeping teeth from overcrowding themselves or changing an overbite, but orthodontists can also help your mouth feel better if you have had pain from the way your teeth are growing.

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