Understanding Laser Prostate Surgery

Laser prostate surgery, often referred to as laser prostatectomy, it is mostly performed to treat enlarged prostate glands. The reason behind enlarged prostate glands is not clear, but it is usually associated with old age and testosterone levels. An enlarged prostate can push against your urethra, which can make urinating difficult. You may experience symptoms like difficulty in urination or the frequent need to urinate at night. If left untreated, an enlarged prostate can damage your kidneys or bladder.

Ultrasound technology and its uses

Ultrasound technology is one of the safest imaging techniques used to obtain detailed internal images of the body. Unlike other imaging techniques, such as X-rays, ultrasound technology is very safe and does not emit harmful radiation. Another aspect which makes ultrasound different from other imaging techniques is that ultrasound images can be seen in real-time. This means that ultrasounds have the ability to show the movement of blood through blood vessels and more.

Were You Diagnosed With Stage 0 Bladder Tumours? See the Treatment Your Doctor Will Likely Recommend

If bladder cancer is diagnosed early, probably at stage 0, it becomes easier to treat it. Treatment options for bladder cancer include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. However, the clinical stage of the tumour determines the treatment the patient gets. ‘Stage’ refers to how deep cancer has grown into the bladder and if the tumours have spread to other organs. Your treatment option could also depend on the tumour’s size, your overall health and how fast the tumours grow.