Top Signs It's Time for WHS Management Training for the Managers in Your Company

WHS management training for leaders is available for managers, supervisors, and other high-level employees in companies like yours. This training is designed to help teach managers and supervisors about WHS requirements and recommendations, and it’s also designed to help leaders learn how to properly guide their employees to be as safe as possible in the workplace. There Has Been a Serious Accident Unfortunately, accidents do happen on the job from time to time.

How To Choose An Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Service Provider

Injuries and illnesses could significantly affect your ability to remain independent. Moreover, they could affect your productivity in the workplace. Occupational health and rehabilitation services help you regain your productivity and independence, regardless of your injuries. Below is a piece detailing what to consider when hiring an occupational health and rehabilitation service provider.  Reputation Your immediate concern would be the quality of services offered by the service provider. Check online reviews from some of their former and current clients.